• ISS 1.2 The CPU board ISS 1.2 is conceived as an embedded WEB server. The CPU board, at 40 x 150mm, enables the visualisation of measurement, control and regulation data - if necessary worldwide - thanks to the integrated WEB server, able to function in every network environment imaginable.

  • Motherboard Design for ISS

    The motherboard shown ties our ISS1.2 (AMD 486 Basis, 100 Mhz) to the Digital Output Board DIGOUT. QNX 4.25 is selected as operating system (non-imperative). It is equipped with 4 DIGOUT boards.
  • Digital Output Board (DIGOUT)

    Our DIGOUT is designed as a 16 bit I/O ISA-bus board. Together with the motherboard and our "PiggyPack" AquaPro the whole thing becomes a working application measuring the flow with a flowmeter (e.g. KOBOLD DF) in the course of paper production.

CPU Board - AMD side (158 KB)

ISS 1.2 by ifp

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