Company philosophy

Process automation the small and neat way - innovative, tailor-made solutions

ifp specialises in providing a comprehensive range of services based on the automation of technological processes. A central aspect of our work is the analysis of production, measurement and regulation processes and their optimisation. We then transform the knowledge we gain into hardware and software solutions that meet the needs of customers or fulfil specific functions. We develop part or complete solutions, adapting them to fit to your company’s own development strategy. And because we’re a small team of specialists, we’re not forced to rely on inefficient communication methods. Instead, we focus on developing the solution to your problem.

Everything tailor-made

Standard solutions are, more often than not, just compromises. On the one hand, they are cheaper to acquire, however, on the other, they show themselves to be second choice in diverse technical applications. To understand each automation process means to have an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and an excellent command of it in the field. What might seem to be the solution for many almost certainly isn’t the one for you. Rather, we spend our time getting an exact picture. Then we suggest alternatives and choose the best path, arriving at a solution that really does do justice to your needs.

Solid methods make for transparent solutions

We don’t think much of general solutions - we like to focus on the methods of standard software engineering. Entity-Relationship-, dataflow-, as well as state-transition diagrams together with petri-nets, structured design or UML are all factors making project formulation, planning, programming and, not least of all, the software itself transparent and easy to service. Your specialists will appreciate you for it – if not beforehand, then certainly by the time it comes to its adjustment, modification or expansion. We can even take a radical, ’military-style’ approach to your project - in accordance to MIL-Std 489 – if need be.

It’s not quantity, but the quality of your product that counts

You’ll come across the above maxim again and again, reflected by our skilled work. Better one project less than putting together a solution that doesn’t do the job, better one more phone call more than an expensive misunderstanding. A quality solution demands an accurate analysis, a clearly-structured design strategy and, of course, much care in production. And if there are mistakes to be made, we know they’ll probably stem from the fine details. That’s why we take the analytic phase so seriously, in order to identify possible sources of errors then take steps to make sure they never occur. The principle doesn’t just enhance the reliability of the software, it also helps justify your investment in it.

Innovative solutions

If you thought process automation was just collecting lifeless facts, you’d be mistaken. Companies are living entities, a fact no developer of automation solutions can afford to overlook. A solution can only take shape where technical expertise, experience and creative engagement come together with the ability to turn visions into reality. And we’ll be glad of the challenge if we have to go down new roads to get there.

There from the start

If it’s a new project, we’d prefer to be there from the start. During the first planning phase, we examine the basic weaknesses and talk in great detail about the project field and its aims. What’s important where part projects are concerned is even more so for complete solutions. Only a better appreciation of the larger context makes space for new perspectives and approaches and allows alternatives to be aired. At the end of the day, it’s often only the smallest of details that decide whether a solution is accepted in practice or not.

How you can benefit

Whether it’s system studies for process automation, questions on user-friendly software, solutions for various operating systems or the development of specialised electronic hardware, you can benefit from our range of services, provided with professionalism and competence. Also for the development of part and complete solutions, as a consultant in process and software studies or providing support to your own development department. Our team’s broad range of experience and creative engagement are two factors that could really help you get your next project off the ground - surely a good reason to get to know us and our work. We look forward to hearing from you.


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